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sailor pluto' s first appearance was in sailor moon r (romance). although, i have not seen any of the sailor moon r in japanese, i have seen only parts of it in cartoon network. she appeared, when chibi usa (sailor chibi moon) was sick, in some kind of orb, and she was telling the other senshis (moon, venus, mercury, mars, and jupiter) how to save her. and that is only part in sailor moon r that i know about sailor pluto.

her second appearance was in sailor moon s (super), and she mostly appeared in that season. there she reveal herself in human form, and her human name, which is meiou setsuna. she reveal what powers she has and what her destiny is. her destiny was to protect sailor moon (usagi), although in that season, she didn' t know that sailor moon was the person she was supposed to protect. well, anyways, she was the very first outer senshi to have her talisman, which is called the garnet orb. and also the first one how to use it.

when they were ready to face the mistress 9 (evil saturn), but before they could reach the place they saw purple lady monsters shielding the whole place for intruders. by the way, the outer senshis (pluto, uranus, and neptune) were in a helicopter. anyways, when the purple lady monster started attacking, sailor uranus could not control the helicopter anymore. when it was about to explode, sailor pluto used her taboo power, time stop. of course, the power stopped time for a few seconds. when sailor pluto made sailor uranus and sailor neptune escape the explosion, the helicopter exploded and sailor pluto disappeared. because whenever she use her taboo power, time stop, she disappears. i don' t if she dies or get sent back time, but i know that she disappear somewhere.

on sailor moon super s (super), she did not at all appear. she only appeared in the movie.

on sailor stars (last season), she came back and borrowed hotaru from her father. they needed her, because a new stronger enemy is again reborned. so, they need every single help they could have. at the very end of the season, when they were fighting galaxia, sailor neptune and sailor uranus betrayed sailor pluto and saturn and took both of their star seeds. 'coz without them they would die. so, she died.

sailor pluto' s name meiou setsuna means: meiou = the planet pluto, setsuna = moment. sailor pluto loves shopping and wants to be a famous clothes designer. she loves green tea and hate eggplants. she is really goog in sewing, while she cannot stand cockroaches.