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i would like to thank the following web owners in the following categories.

- pictures
the web owner of plutonium
the web owner of ultimate sailor pluto gallery
and many unknown web owners

- information
the web owner of beej's compleat sailor moon cd list
the web owner of lyric moon
the web owner of kawashima chiyoko

- materials
the web owner of response-o-matic. com
the web owner of gbook. nu

for all those web owners that i have listed above, thank you very much for your generousity. if you would like me to delete anything that belongs to you that is in this site, please e mail me and i 'll do it. if you know that this site have something that truly belongs to you. and you want me to put your name in this credit page, please e mail me what it is and your url, and i' ll kindly do so. thanks.