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what do you think about sailor pluto. well, everyone has their opinion. like, most people might say that she cannot dress, or she can' t sing. i don' t really care what people say about her, because she is my favorite sailor senshi.

the first thing that attracted me to sailor pluto was her mysterious personality. and then, her wonderful and mature voice. of course, everyone knows that she is oldest senshi. since that she came from the future, i consider her ancient. i can' t really say that she can' t dress, although she wear the same outfits but different colours. i can' t because everyone has their own taste and her ambition to be a designer made her dress like a sophisticated woman.

the other things that attracted me to her was her long green hair and her power to stop time. i mean, if i have the opportunity to have a power like hers i would gladly take it. who wouldn' t. before sailor pluto became super, she has the most unique uniform of all. the uniform that she has didn' t have any sleeves, which make it very different, since that every senshi has sleeves. she also have different earings and different chokers. it is too bad she has to change her outfit when she became super.

well, that' s all i have to say, maybe more, but i can' t think of anything right now. except for, SAILOR PLUTO IS THE BEST