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rei ayanami is the first children to pilot an eva. rei ayanami is also the most myrterious and interesting character in the whole series. i mean, she doesn' t laugh, cry, nor get angry. rei is just like a robot that doesn' t have any feelings.

rei doesn' t have any family nor friends. but there is one person that she knows and loves and that person is shinji' s father. imagine that your father doesn' t even talk to you and then he goes hugging a girl who is not even a blood relative. but there was a time when she smiled for shinji. i think it was when they were in this tube thing and she almost burned inside.

i think that rei might have let out a feeling for shinji. because in this very episode, i don' t which one though, when shinji almost got hit by this power blast or something by this angel, rei stood in the way and tried to save him. although, i did not understand that episode and i' ve seen the series for only one time, i am not really sure if that is really true.

on that very episode, also, i think, she made her eva explode with her. although, she did not die. she developed a severe brain damage. now, she thinks that she is the third children.

some of these information might not be true, because i have only seen the whole series for just one time. so, i might change this whole info page next time i watch the series again. also, when i fully understand the concept. thanks, and if you are willing to send me info about rei you are free to do so.