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can you help me build my site }}
are you crazy. i don' t want to be mean or anything, but no. i don' t think so. i am flattered, really, but i don' t have the time help people build their sites. you know what, though. i am thinking of making a site with web designs on it where you can download them. but i' m not sure yet. so, watch out for that.

what programs do you use to edit your graphics }}
well, i don' t want to give away my secrets, but if you' re desperate i' ll tell you. i don 't really use one of those big ones like adobe and paint shop pro, but i highly recommend you guys using those things 'coz i had the chance of using psp. anyways, now, i use the regular paint program that is on my computer, and i downloaded this image editor called imagENgine. you should really try that, it' s a good program.

what kind of html editor do you use }}
i use two different html programs, actually i wouldn' t really call them programs. if i' m on line i use the one envy gives you, and if i' m off line i use my regular notepad and check them in internet explorer.

will you ever design layouts for other people }}
actually, yes, i am planning to make a site where you can download layout designs that i have designed. but i am not too sure yet, coz i might not have the time. so, i' ll try and remember.

can you link me }}
okay, as long as you pay me. just kidding. well, if you have somethings in your site that interest me, and if you have a nice designed and easy to navigate site, maybe i will. but if you don' t, do not even think about asking me.

how come you never answer my e mails back }}
if i never e mail you back, that can only mean three things. number one, if you ask me a question that is already on this faq page i will totally delete your e mail. number two, if you e mail me more than once with the same questions, and you' re starting to annoy me, well, too bad. i won' t e mail you back, coz i hate annoying people. number three, if you are asking me a stupid question and using profanities in your e mail, then, i won' t even think twice of e mailing you. so remember these things before e mailing me.

how can i be your sister site or your affiliate }}
a sister site, no, coz i think sister sites should be those people who you know well and you guys are really close. like, friends. an affiliate, well maybe, if you ask me nicely and if you have a nice desinged site and people go there every now and then. meaning if you get a lot of hits. popular, yes, that' s the word i' m looking for.

can i be your friend }}
whoa, that is really a scary question, and the answer will be, no. well, maybe not no, but if you live in the same city and you are really close to where i'm living. but i don 't think that you' ll know what city i' m living on, coz i think that' s just too personal. and if you just want to be online buddies, i don' t know, since that i don' t think i' ll have the time to write back and forth.

do you want to build a site together }}
um, i don' t know. it depends on what site you want to build. and i got to know that you' ll be helping out, too, and i got to know that you know how to build a site. like, if you know htmls, and if you know how to design a website.

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