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h i s t o r y }} this section will tell you how i started this site, its purpose, and what it' s about.

e m a i l }} if you have any questions, comments, or requests please e mail me and let me hear about it, and i' ll try to answer back asap.

g b o o k }} if you have anytime before you leave, please sign my gbook and i will love you forever. and you prefer signing my gbook instead of e mailing me, that' s okay, too. thanks

u p d a t e s }} if you want to know what few changes i have made, like things have i added and things i have deleted.

b a n n e r s }} if you really want to link this site, please use one of these banners that i have made. if you can' t find anything you like, please feel free to make one for this site. ask for permission and e mail it to me first, before using it.

l i n k s }} just some of my favorite links that i go to every once and a while. please, visit them. all of them has really good layout designs and good information on some nice anime and manga.

u p f r o n t }} information on the character on cover of my layout

p r o j e c t s }} come and see the sites that i am working on and what sites comin out next.

f a q }} before e mailing me about your questions and whatnots, make sure to check out my faq page first coz the questions you might want to ask me, might already be here. if you ask me the same questions that is already here, i am not going to waste my time answering the same questions.

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