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hello and welcome. i am not really good with words so i' ll make it quick and easy for you and me, hee hee. anyways, since that this site is *brand new* i ought to tell you guys what' s it about. just because you see usagi on my layout, it doesn' t mean it' s a sailor moon site, that' s just part of it. this site is all about my favorite anime and manga series. you can call it my personal anime and manga collective.
this site will be best viewed in a 800 x 600 resolution. this site contain frames, and needs million of true colors. if you are using aol please maximize it. if you are using internet explorer press F11 to maximize. thanks. all anime and manga characters that might be seen in this site is copyrighted by their respective owners. i claim no rights over them. although, this site is created and designed by me, copying and stealing anything that i have created without my permission is not allowed. thank you.