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tenkou is obviously a japanese word meaning queen of heaven. i used a japanese title because i love the langauge, it is so much shorter, and everyone seems to be using it. it actually took a long time for me to look for a japanese word that i like, and that' s not used by someone else yet in envy. so, i went to every japanese english dictionary or english japanese dictionary in the internet and start browsing. i found a lot but guess what, they were already in use. i got really pissed off. anyways, i was going to use a goddess' s name for my site but it was too long. and i finally found tenkou in a english japanese dictionary.

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this site has lots of purposes. this site is supposed to serve you guys all your anime and manga needs. and for new comers, to introduce new and rare anime and manga. to help you guys more about anime and manga. especially shoujo anime and manga, since that most of favorites are all shoujo. *tee hee*

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like i said in my intro on my front page, this site is about all of my favorite anime and mangas. let me tell you what you' ll be seeing sooner or later: sailor moon, x / 1999, vampire princess miyu, clover, clamp campus detectives, card captor sakura, kamikaze kaitou jeanne, angel sanctuary, time stranger kyoko, neon genesis evengelion, and lots more. those are some of my favorite anime and mangas. those things might be information sites, galleries or both. i am trying to make this site big and informative. thank you.

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