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who, you ask. i doubt that nobody knows her. but for the sake of it, i' ll tell you who she is. her name is tsukino usagi the heroine and the star of the shoujo anime series bishoujo senshi sera muun ( pretty soldiers sailor moon, i think ). anyways, she' s a klutz and a crybaby. she loves eating, sleeping, and eating, again. she never gets fat, don' t know why. but that is the only negative part about her. there are a lot of positive things about her. like, she is really nice ( well, sometimes ), generous, she' ll sacrafice herself for the lives of other people.

she has a boyfriend, mamoru, tuxedo kamen sama, who is too mature for her. they are destined to be together. and a daughter ( no, she didn' t have a baby, while she was in school ), chibi usa. and lots of friends, they are also the heroines and star of the series. ami, sailor mercury, rei, sailor mars, makoto, sailor jupiter, and minako, sailor venus. those people are called the inner senshis. and the outer senshis are, setsuna, sailor pluto, haruka, sailor uranus, hotaru, sailor saturn, and michiru, sailor neptune.

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sailormoon was the first anime that i ever saw. in tagalog ( philippine language ), too. in the philippines, her name is bunny. she used to be my favorite senshi. but when i moved to america, i saw more and more sailormoon episodes, and i started to like another character more than sailormoon, sailor pluto. she rocks. her sense of fashion, her mysterious ways, and the story behind her attracted me to her. anyways, sailormoon, the series not the character, will always be my favorite anime series and it will stay like that.

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