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why rei ayanami and not asuka langley or the others
well, why not rei. i' ve made a site for rei is obviously because i like her. in fact, she is my very second favorite anime character. sailor pluto is the first. and there aren' t that a lot of rei sites out there.

how long did it take you to build this site
it only took me 6 hours doing it and in days it took me 3 days. let me explain, i got in trouble for using the computer. so, my parents made this schedule: i could only use the computer an hour everyday. but whenever the computer in not in use i use it. so for one day, i actually use it for 2 hours, but don' t tell them that. shh.

are these facts about rei true
let me think. um, well, let me put it this way. all the information there came from my head. meaning that what i saw in the series i wrote it. some may be exaggerated and some may be not at all true. that is because i haven' t seen the series for a whole year. so, don' t go getting mad at me if the information are wrong.

can you make me graphics for my rei ayanami site
i will if you pay me, really. but if you are not, tough luck. i don' t want to sound mean or anything, but i just don' t have the time to make anybody anything. i got things to do for myself, you know. and it is actually better if your whole site is made by you, not by anybody else.

why do you sound mean
i don' t know why. if you really get to know me better, i am not really that mean. well, maybe i can get in nerve but not all the time. just ask my friends.

will you build my site if i pay you
hmm, so tempting, but i got to say no this time. like i said before, i just don' t have the time. i have sites to make, too, ya know. but if i have nothing to do, anymore, i' ll let you know and we' ll work something out.