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hello and welcome to my not so big shrine of rei ayanami. in this particular site, you will only find contents based on rei ayanami. if you don' t know anything about rei ayanami or don' t know her at all, well, that' s too bad. that is so not my problem. but there is a part of this site that will tell you about her. this site is only for rei ayanami or / and nge fans. if you are not, please take your time to browse around to learn or whatever you want to do.

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um... i just want to say something. okay, i am not really a big fan of punctuations, including this ! and this ?. so, if you see questions or whatever without these things ( ! ?) don' t worry i din' t forget them i did it purpose. i just don' t think that it matches me. i don' t why. but you will find this . and this ,. well, thanks for reading.

this site is best viewed in an 800 x 600 resolution. this particular site contain frames, million of true colors, and javascripts. i suggest that you go and check if your computer handle any of that. if you are using aol please maximize it.
neon genesis evangelion is respective owner or owners. i claim no rights over rei ayanami or nge. although, this site is created and personally designed by me, gino. any violation, like, taking images without permission is not allowed and will not be permitted. taking information and passing it on as your own is also not allowed without permission and will not be permitted. thank you. any comments, question, or suggestions should be e mailed to me, gino.