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sometimes i update this site, but hardly. anyways, if you want to know what are the changes come in here.

some web owners, who i think deserves my thank you' s and whatnots, who have helped, motivated, or inspired me on making a site.

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if you want to make a comment based on this site and would like it to be public sign my guestbook. and if you do, i' ll be truly thankful.

e mail
if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please e mail ' em to me and i' ll try to answer back asap. there are plenty of ways to e mail me, too.

before e mailing me, please read this faq just incase the question you want to ask might already be in here. it' ll be easier for the both of us. really easy.

eta - naru
this is my very very main page of all my sites. click here if you want to visit other sites that i have made.