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if you want to know why i love rei so much, well, you are in the right section. okay let me start right know and don' t you dare interrupt. i hate it when i am interrupted.

i love rei because she' s very mysterious. i don' t know why but i like people that are really mysterious and got a lot to tell. for example, sailor pluto in sailor moon and fuu in magic knight rayearth. the very first thing that attracted me to rei is her quietness and her way of shutting the whole word around her, and just concentrate on the things she want to concentrate on. i can totally relate to her, because just like her i don' t even have that much friend. and what really piss me off is that i don' t even have any close friend in high school. well, anyways, this is about rei not me, so, we' ll just move on.

and one last thing, rei' s isolation makes her the center of attention. because people around her always wonder why she' s always alone. maybe not always, but most of the times.